Macaros Famous Flip

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Throughout history, we have come to know many" FLIPS".

- Some of us remember "FLIP" WILSON (the devil made me do it)

- We listen to the "FLIP" SIDE (who knew the Beatles "Strawberry Fields Forever"
would be a hit)

- We hear "FLIP" FLOPS every day on the evening news (insert your favorite politician)

- For convenience sake the "Marlboro" "FLIP" TOP box became a best seller

- and of course; who can forget "FLIPPER" our favorite bottlenosed dolphin

Now its time for you to stop by and experience the "MACARO'S famous "FLIP".
We've been "Flipping" hoagies for over 4 decades ; the meat's on top.
We're proud to show the amount of meat we put on our hoagies. Why hide it?
Stop in today and let us show you our unique technique.